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Surveys for Cash 2020

If you are looking for some extra source of income then you might have heard about online paid surveys. Yes, it is true that you can take surveys for cash. All you need to do is join a few legitimate survey panels and take online surveys for money.

When it comes to making money online then paid surveys are one of them. All you need to do is join our survey panel for free and start getting paid to take online surveys.

How to take surveys for money?

If you want to take surveys for money then follow below steps:

  1. Step 1. Click here to join for free and take surveys for cash.
  2. Step 2. Check your email after joining above and click on the confirmation link to confirm your email id. This step is mandatory, else you will not get any paid survey invitations.
  3. Step 3. Answer online surveys in your free time and earn real cash.

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By joining 10 survey panels you will receive a lot of survey invitations. The more surveys you complete the more money you will earn. There are a lot of confusion regarding paid surveys. We will try to clear out these confusion in below FAQs.

  • Q. Can you really take online paid surveys for cash?
  • A. The answer is yes. It is possible to make money online. For last 9 years I have been taking online surveys for cash. I have joined a number of legitimate survey panel and have been making extra money online from home.
  • Q. What is DOI?
  • A. DOI stands for double opt in. This means you must confirm your email id after joining a survey panel in order to receive survey invitations. Remember, if you do not confirm your email id, you will not be invited to participate in paid surveys. Almost all the survey panels are now DOI.
  • Q. What are the some recommended online surveys for cash panels?
  • A. To start with we recommend you to join survey sites that pay by PayPal. Here are top 5 survey panels that I have personally joined. Join them and get paid to take survey by PayPal.We highly recommend to join at least E-poll Surveys, Opinion Outpost, Ipsos I-say, National Consumer Panel, Swagbucks and Global Test Market to start with. Once you are familiar with surveys then join more panels.
  • Q. Is it free to join paid surveys?
  • A. Yes. It is completely free to join a survey panel. Never pay to join any market research company. All legitimate survey panels are free.
  • Q. What is PayPal?
  • A. PayPal is an online payment method. Some of the survey companies use PayPal to pay the survey rewards. It is easier and quicker to get survey payments using PayPal.
  • Q. How much money can I earn taking surveys?
  • A. It is tough to answer but if you put enough effort, participate in online surveys promptly after getting the survey invitations, you can expect to earn $5000-$1000 a month taking paid surveys.

There are so many paid online survey sites that advertise the sun and the moon with a few stars thrown in for good measure. Of course paid online surveys are fun, they are interesting and an easy way to earn a few bucks but you have to be practical here. As I proceed I will tell you how much or rather how you earn through these surveys.

To put it precisely, your income from online paid surveys will at best be inconsistent and unpredictable. To really reach thousands of dollars in a single month would require you to take a huge amount of surveys and then some and also supplement this with other online money generators like mystery shopping and paid ads etc.

After all this is possible to make up to about $200- $500 per month but anything higher than that is highly dicey. It is the kind of fast money that is quickly earned – and equally quickly spent. So don’t quit your 9-5 job but definitely take some surveys in your break time.

Another aspect of paid online surveys is that your personal profile greatly affects on the number of surveys you are awarded. The logical train is such that if you belong to the high income group and live in a metropolitan as compared to the exact opposite you will be awarded more surveys simply because your exposure is on a higher level hence marketing will be targeted towards you or people like you so your opinion is what counts here.

Of course in certain cases the reverse may also be true or take a whole new group – teenagers. If you are a student taking online surveys for cash in your vacations or between classes then you can generate your own allowance but the kind of internet paid surveys you will be taking will differ, for example you can be called to take online surveys for say music, movies etc and you can easily supplement a survey with a pay to watch movie trailers scheme. This will put your income to about a $1000 per month at the most taking online surveys for money.

But overall, look at this as a pass time supplementary income because though all what is promised it is much better to earn by the traditional ‘by the sweat of your brow’ than be dependent on such schemes, at least entirely so.

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